Stephen Panasci
Landscape Architect
I have always had a deep connection to nature and the outdoors. Growing up I spent as much time as I could outside. I learned all about the natural world at NC State University studying Horticulture and Landscape Design, and graduate school at Temple University where I received my Master of Landscape Architecture degree. I also learned how to design spaces for people that could enhance their environment and quality of life. 
I developed a passion for permaculture, food systems, ecological design, and the intersection of these fields. During my  academic career I experienced workshops and field trips where I worked intimately in different landscapes. I was able to witness the many ways people live and interact with their environment. 
At Sikora Wells Appel, a Landscape Architecture firm in the Philadelphia area, I worked on a wide variety of public and private projects. We always focused on quality, sustainability, and improving the lives of our clients and all who use the spaces on the various campuses we designed. 
The WWOOF program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) provided a significant part of my personal development. I travelled to Sicily for two months between college and graduate school to live and work on an organic farm. I later visited Argentina for three months to work on two different farms. Both experiences taught me what it means to live completely integrated with the landscape and environment. I realized we are deeply affected by our landscapes - and we all leave an impact on them. Landscapes determine culture, food, traditions, and identity. This was especially powerful for me in Sicily, where I was able to experience the cultural roots of my father’s family. 
Drawing from all my experiences, I formed a passion for living and working at the intersection of food systems, nature, and culture. I want to work with people who desire a deliberate lifestyle of connecting to their landscapes and environments. This way of life is regenerative to both the environment as a whole and to the people and communities within it. 
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