Consultation: An initial interactive process with the client to walk the site, understand goals, challenges, and opportunities. Recommendations and a plan of action to achieve your goals will be provided through simple drawings and sketches, written and visual guides, and other means as required. 
Consultation Plan: An ongoing schedule of consultations can be planned in order to provide continuous assistance to ensure proper implementation and provide education and training on methods to manage the landscape over time. 
Landscape Design: Engage in an in depth creative problem solving process for more comprehensive interventions. A design includes detailed plans and drawings that coordinate the full array of components required to create a holistically planned landscape. Creating a detailed design ensures proper and efficient implementation of all work, detailed understanding of costs and phasing, and may be necessary for permitting approvals and/or hiring an outside contractor. 
Growing Food: Planning and design for growing food in your landscape are based on regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and organic principles. Growing food in your landscape provides regular interaction with nature, more nutritious food, and combats effects of climate change. It brings family, community, and cultures together. 
Ecological Design: Ecological design is a method of design focused on restoring ecosystem services and interacting with the environment in a sustainable way. Ecosystem services can be provided by using native plants to attract pollinator species and create habitat, increase biodiversity, manage stormwater, sequester carbon, stabilize soil, and more. Ecological design is a way to incorporate these ecological services in a beautiful aesthetic that supports your lifestyle so that you can appreciate and enjoy being a steward of your landscape. 
Site Design: We are all affected by the quality of our environments. Through thoughtful design, the quality of a space can be enhanced and ensure that it beautifully and functionally supports a lifestyle that connects you to your landscape.
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