Stephen Panasci LLC engages in a process of creative problem solving with clients to identify physical design and operational programing for their projects. The aim is to design solutions that are unique to each clients’ personal and community strengths, as well as the unique characteristics of their landscape and local region. A successful project is one that addresses cultural, environmental, and economic sustainability and the relationship between the three.
Stephen Panasci LLC provides the following services:
Site planning and Landscape Architectural Services:
-Master Planning
-Conceptual + Schematic Site Plans
-Ecological Planting Design
-Stormwater Management Design
-Construction Documentation
-Construction Administration
Analysis and programming:
-Sustainable Tourism Opportunities
-Cultural/Historic Preservation
-Regenerative Agriculture+Food Systems Planning
-Land Conservation
-Ecological Restoration 
Sustainable Land Management and Stewardship Planning:
-Regenerative Agriculture+Permaculture
-Ecological Restoration
Photo by Chris Kendig
Photo by Chris Kendig
Community Outreach and Education:
Stewardship Training
Community Meetings
Workshops + Presentations
Working With Us:
Stephen Panasci LLC works with aligned professionals when necessary to ensure projects meet all the needs of its clients. Principles of ecological design and regenerative management can be applied to projects of all scales. Whether it be community based projects, a private residence, or anything in between, we take a holistic approach centered on the relationship between people and their landscapes.
Please use the contact page regarding your project and/or collaboration!
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